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Preventive Medecine

Preventive medicine helps keep your pet happy and healthy. We offer annual checkups, vaccines tailored to your pet’s needs and treatments to prevent or treat harmful parasites.

Digital Radiology

Clinique Vétérinaire des Sources offers digital radiology services at the cutting edge of technology. For medical, surgical or dental care, digital radiology produces a superior quality image in seconds. Digital technology also allows the quick transition of images to a veterinary radiologist, with a copy for your records if you wish.

Medical Care

Whether for minor or more serious health problems, or for any emergency, the team at Clinique Vétérinaire des Sources is always ready to help your dog or cat.


Our team will care for your cat or small dog during their stay with us! Contact us for details.


Your pet is likely to require surgery at some point in its life, whether it is for sterilization, to suture a wound, to remove a small mass or to solve a major problem. Our clinic is equipped with leading edge tools and an experienced team to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during and after anesthesia and surgery. In some cases, we can recommend a specialist from our network if any specialized intervention is necessary. Our team will accompany you at all stages of the procedure to ensure the well-being of your cat or dog.

Laboratory and Diagnostics

On site for fast results.

  • Blood testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Stool analysis to detect parasites
  • Tests for Lyme disease, heart worms, parvovirus, feline leukemia, FIV and ringworm.
  • Microscopy

For further testing, we work with recognized external laboratories.

Dental Care

Dental care by pet health professionals is offered. Among the services offered are scaling, digital dental x-rays and dental extractions if necessary. For even more advanced services, we can recommend you to a specialist in pet dentistry. Your pet’s health depends on its dental health!


  • Microchip ID
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss program
  • Shaving cats under sedation
  • Various tips and more!